Chrome Extension Privacy Policy: Map Anywhere

1. Overview

This extension aims to display routes to specific locations using Google Maps when users browse websites summarizing tourist spots and restaurants. With the use of this extension, users can obtain route information directly in their browser without the need to open a separate map application.

2. Data Collected

Starting and Destination Points: Information about the starting and destination points selected by the user for displaying the route.

3. Method of Data Use

The collected data is solely used to provide route information to the user's selected destinations through the Google Maps API.
This information is used to provide a more convenient and efficient web browsing experience for the user.

4. Data Sharing

The collected data is used only for communication with the Google Maps API and is not shared outside of this extension.
User data will not be sold, shared, or lent to third parties.

5. Data Protection

Collected data is protected using security measures.

6. User Rights

Users can stop the collection of data by ceasing to use the extension.